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Our work in action...

Seeds of Confidence!

"Before this project, I was not allowed to go out of the home.  I did not know how to talk. I did not know anything.  I was very shy."

"Then I learned about the project and was selected as one of the participants. My husband allowed me to join a women’s self-help group.  A facilitator taught us many things.  I started participating in the savings and after a time took a loan. When I started a small business I was criticized and my father and mother in law refused to let me go to the group meetings but I kept going.  I have taught others what I have learned.  I have learned to serve others. When anyone (in the community) is in difficulty, we help them.

After a time, I separated from my husband’s family and my husband and I now have a tiny house by the main road. Gradually I have earned the respect first of my husband, then the respect of his family. I am so grateful to have this privilege of having a small business and contributing to the family income and I am helping others. There are no more malnourished children in our community and mothers are better nourished as well. Thank you for helping me!"

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