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UCC in Kenya

Julia is an experienced farmer. For years, she and her husband farmed their plot of land in Tharaka Nithi, Kenya. Then in 2017, they enrolled in the United Church Of Canada’s conservation agriculture program, in partnership with the National Council Of Churches of Kenya and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. 


Julia describes how the program changed their lives:


In 2017, Julia’s family agreed to participate in the first phase of the conservation agriculture project by planting one acre of maize. When that one acre yielded an amazing 70kg of maize, they realized the potential of conservation farming to give them a better quality of life.


So, they expanded their crop, planting two acres of land with cow peas and sorghum. Year after year, the conservation agriculture technique showed results. The quality of their crops improved. Their yields grew. In fact, the farm became so successful that they expanded the food items they sell at the local market to include poultry, mangoes and citrus fruits. 


The diversity not only means that there are more types of food to bring to market; it also means that the family farm is more resilient to the effects of climate change and drought. That’s important because Tharaka Nithi is a dry and arid region and farmers rely on the twice yearly rains to water their crops. Lately, there has been droughts and pest infestations which, because of the diversity, the farm been able to weather. 


Going into the second phase of the project, Julia is using her experience and success to share her knowledge with her community and support and mentor new farmers. Now, the program is not only making a difference in her family’s life, but is having a positive impact on the lives of the whole community. 

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