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Pabitra's Story

“A few years ago, I used to come from market with a little bag full of vegetables I was able to purchase, but now I am going to market with a sack full of vegetable to sell,” Pabitra Tamang said and smiled.

Pabitra Tamang was a weaver in the past but she had to give up weaving because her hands were becoming numb and her eyesight was deteriorating. The production from her family’s small plot of land (1 khatta) was not enough to feed the family. Pabitra and her husband often took loans at high rates of interest to feed their children. They were despairing of their future. 

Three years ago, when the food security project was started by NCM Nepal in her area, Pabitra was able to be one of the participants in the project and she joined one of the self-help groups that was formed. Pabrita applied the knowledge she gained in the various agro-trainings that were provided over the last three years. Now, on her small plot of land she is able to grow many more vegetables. There is no shortage of vegetables in her home and she earns NRs. 4000-5000 every month from selling excess vegetables. The money is used for children’s education, buying clothes, and for some other food items. She also saves a small amount monthly in the self-help group. Her goal is to take a loan from the savings and purchase more land so that she can enlarge her garden and ensure a good future for her family.

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