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About Us


The Christian church is (and has always been) one of the most reliable contributors when it comes to sending relief to world disasters, and helping those in desperate need. Many secular humanitarian organizations rely on Christian churches in the actual field.  The church is needed. However, without the skills and resources of farmers, agriculturalists, and rural churches, we wouldn't have food to send. Seeds of Life serves to bring these two worlds closer together, so that those who in greatest need can reap the benefit. So that we can do what Jesus has called us to do.

72 ACRES OF FARM LAND has been donated for the sole purpose of yielding a harvest of hope for individuals and families who need hope most.  The fields are ripe for harvest.  And indeed, the harvest is great.  The last piece to this solution is you....

Scott Brooks

Project Manager


Nicholas Coburn CPA, CA

Accounting Manager

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