Here's how you can help!

"The harvest is indeed great,

but the workers are few."

Your donation goes toward the cost of planting, growing and harvesting a crop of corn, soybeans or wheat on this land. The harvested grain is sold to a local buyer and all proceeds are sent to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, in support of the church or agency you've selected.

CFGB can match many of the donations by a 4:1 ratio, such that $1 becomes $5 to be used overseas for disaster relief, development, or food security programs. Like the loaves and the fish!

Seeds of Life is operated on a totally non-profit, volunteer basis; there are no commissions or fees. We contract with a local farmer, Miller Farms, who provide state-of-the-art services to operate the farm. Our farm is in an excellent state of cultivation and we expect to get above average yields of the crops we grow.


For more detailed information about the Foodgrains Bank and for a complete list of its member churches and agencies, please visit