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Our work in action...

Seeds of Joy!

Shiva Kumari Rai lives in Baragothe village in Nepal. Shiva Kumari and her husband have two children and live on a small plot of land. Her husband often searched for work  but did not get any jobs that could provide enough income for the needs of his family. Shiva Kumari often restricted her own food intake to feed her small children. Their small plot of  land often remained dry in winter, and the spring crop could only produce food for  3 to 4 months of the  year. The family struggled to feed themselves and often could not afford the inputs for planting their crops.

The last year Shiva was able to plant a garden with seeds provided by Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Nepal. The project was funded through the Foodgrains Bank. Along with the seeds, training was provided in composting and holistic home gardening. When the crops were harvested, Shiva used the vegetables from the garden in her cooking. She had excess vegetables to sell and made enough money to buy other food items and necessities. "You have made my life good" she says with a smile!

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