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Seeds of Life!

“Vincent is a 14 year old boy taking care of his younger siblings: Amos(3) , Julieta(8), Chicondi (9), and Chipiliro (12).  His parents died and relatives left them in a very dilapidated house and environment. Vincent dropped out of school to raise money to feed his siblings, who are still attending school. The team prayed with Vincent and contributed an offering for milling the maize and to purchase soap.”

“In the 2015-2016 growing season, crops in the Lilongwe area were totally devastated by a severe drought. We visited the area in September of 2016 to find that small farmers there had used up all of their reserves of corn and had even eaten the seed which would have planted next year’s crop. They had nothing left!  Canadian Foodgrains Bank and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries have co-operated in a program to feed up to 4000 small farmers in the drought –affected areas of Malawi, to help them get through to their 2017 harvest.”

“Smallholder farmers in developing countries are some of the most vulnerable people on earth to the devastating effects of climate change. Please visit our DONATION section on this site to learn how you can help us improve the food security of these people”

Scott Brooks, Field operator, NCM Canada

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