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Our work in action...

Seeds of Wellness!

Here are Elaine and Joan with a leadership group at Bahadurpur, in Bangladesh. This leadership group is composed of two representatives chosen from each of 8 self-help groups.

They shared their goals:

  • To promote sanitary latrines for every household

  • To secure deep tube wells for the communities

  • To ensure that the very poor and disabled can access the government “vulnerable feeding” program and that the elderly who qualify can access the “elderly allowance”. 

  • To reduce the malnutrition of all school children.

​The group measures the weight and height of the children every month and provides teaching and training to the mothers. 

  • To encourage a home garden in every home

  • To start new self-help groups for other community women.

  • To work for women’s rights

  • To monitor and strengthen existing self-help groups.

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